March 26, 2014

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to start out and say thank you for stopping by my page! And all of the support for my new single with The Matinee called “Why Baby Why”. The video which was directed by the amazing Stephano Barberis is now out on on CMT Television and Vevo!
I also want to thank everyone at Country radio for being so supportive to The Matinee and I. There are a lot of great new artists and never enough room on the playlist and we thank you all for premiering, adding and featuring our song:)
I am now heading back into the studio to work on a second album! I am so incredibly excited to get all these ideas out!

I am also thrilled two announce that I will be playing a home town show this year on Aug, 17th at the PNE alongside The Matinee!!!
I will be adding some more show dates very soon as well!

Thank you again for stopping by!


Why Baby Why